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RCD Series

The RollerDrive CNC RC Series is a circular table designed to meet the requirements of machine tool manufacturers for greater speed and accuracy. The RC Series uses Sankyo's zero-backlash reducer, the RollerDrive to deliver output motion unaffected by external disturbances, unlike gearmotors or torque motors.
The high accuracy and rigidity afforded by the zero-backlash technology gives the RC Series its high rotary positioning accuracy 15 arc seconds maximum, and the ability to hold up to heavy cutting of hard steel


  • Available in 5 Table Diameters
    Available table diameters: 105, 170, 200, 250, 300

  • Large Hollow Center
    Available with a large hollow bore in the table center.

  • High Accuracy
    Rotary positioning accuracy 15 arc seconds maximum, repeatability 8 arc seconds maximum.

  • No clamping motion necessary because the mechanism is free of play.


  • Automobile parts machining
  • Medical Parts machining
  • Aerospace parts machining
  • Oil & Gas Parts Machining


Characteristics UnitsRCD 105RSD 170RCD 200RCD 250RCD 300
Table ODmmφ105φ170φ200φ250φ300
Table Bore Diameter mmφ60 H7φ60 H7φ60 H7φ110 H7 φ110 H7
Center Heightmm105135135185185
Gear Ratio1/501/50 1/50 1/60 1/60
Max Table Speed rpm10070706060
Indexing accuracy arcsec±15±15±15±10 ±10
Product Weightkg304553110115