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In terms of performance, Sankyo's roller gear does for rotary motions what the ball screw does for linear motions. The roller gear cam mechanism consists of a roller gear and globoidal cam. Similar to the preloading structure of a ball screw, the roller gear has no backlash, and transfers power by rolling contact for strong rigidity and excellent efficiency. And no clamping is necessary.


  • Available in 4 Table Diameters
    Available in table diameters from 100 to 240 mm.

  • Zero Backlash Technology
    RollerDrive achieves zero-backlash.

  • High Accuracy
    Rotary positioning accuracy 10 seconds (RS200, RS240) maximum.

  • No Clamping
    No clamping motion necessary because the mechanism is free of play.

  • Exclusively for Vertical Mounting
    Exclusively for vertical mounting.


  • Machining of artificial bones and joints
  • Machining of automotive engine parts
  • Lens polishers


Characteristics UnitsRS100RS170 RS200RS240
Table ODmmφ100φ170φ200φ240
Table Bore Diameter mmφ50 H7φ80 H7φ100 H7 φ130 H7
Center Heightmm125115125132
Gear Ratio1/601/60 1/60 1/90
Max Table Speed rpm75757575
Positioning Accuracy arcsec±15 ±15 ±10 ±10
Product Weightkg38445672